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0.004 NXT (30%) 0.006 NXT (65%)
0.01 NXT (3%) 0.025 NXT (1.9%)
0.1 NXT (0.099%) 5 NXT (0.001%)

All you have to do is enter your NXT address and solve the captcha! Then find more NXT faucets at FaucetDump.

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Address Claim Type
NXT-W3ZN-EHEC-5K3D-BA3TL 0.00060000 Referral
NXT-4DFW-RL2X-F7H4-6C9TU 0.00600000 Claim
NXT-G4HZ-CRFC-YHM7-4MMZE 0.00600000 Claim
NXT-W3ZN-EHEC-5K3D-BA3TL 0.00060000 Referral
NXT-AA6J-N888-K9WG-DQZN2 0.00600000 Claim
NXT-GWRF-S3P5-W9PU-6HDR4 0.00060000 Referral
NXT-W3ZN-EHEC-5K3D-BA3TL 0.00040000 Referral
NXT-DXYP-DQBR-Z353-HK3HR 0.00400000 Claim
NXT-SGRC-DS8Y-JLRX-GT3W4 0.00600000 Claim
NXT-W3ZN-EHEC-5K3D-BA3TL 0.00060000 Referral


Address Total Claimed
NXT-W3ZN-EHEC-5K3D-BA3TL 8.91706000 NXT
NXT-97H4-KRWL-A53G-7GVRG 4.61663000 NXT
NXT-M2X7-PBQK-L7S7-9RWFS 1.83780000 NXT
NXT-V4CK-BGQC-WUMF-258T8 1.75030000 NXT
NXT-L8TU-G5T4-VD7U-5K4Z8 1.39080000 NXT
NXT-786B-VKDY-FS79-EL6FU 1.34310000 NXT
NXT-7SAK-N7HY-X3QD-25WRX 1.17350000 NXT


Date Address Sent Status TxID

What is NXT?

Decentralising the future!

Find out more!
NXT is an advanced blockchain platform written from scratch and is the core to a much larger blockchain ecosystem.
Its open source Java platform allows for the creation of new digital currencies that overlay the core, as well as data storage, alias and voting systems.

Mining Cryptocurrencies

NXT is a purely proof-of-stake currency with transaction fees passed on to users in a process known as 'forging'. NXT cannot be mined.

The best way to mine cryptocurrencies is to join a mining pool. NXTFaucet.info recommends MinerGate as they have low fees and a easy to use software solution which can mine multiple cryptocurrencies at once. No computer or industry knowledge is needed, just download the software, click the 'AutoMine' button and MinerGate will starting mining the coin that has been the most profitable over the previous hour!

Want to send your hash rate to the moon? Get a taste of what it is like to mine like a monster and sign up for a free VPS trial.
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Trading Cryptocurrencies

If you want to turn your coin hoard directly into cash or are just looking to make cash off cryptocurrency trading, NXTFaucet.info recommends Changelly as they have low fees and a simple, clean trading interface. They have loads of cryptocurrencies available to trade directly into Bitcoin, USD, Euros and Pound Sterling. It couldn't be easier to start trading like a pro!